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To produce versatile citizens who are well-rounded and balanced and who can adapt to a changing global environment.


Barataria North Secondary School is committed to the delivery of an innovative curriculum, which will produce students who will be:

  • Creative
  •  Service oriented
  •  Appreciative of the aesthetics
  •  Adaptive to an ever-changing global environment.

School Goals

  • To encourage and stimulate student’s awareness of the world as a global village.
  • To develop lifelong learning skills of our students.
  • To create a conducive learning environment to adapt to the multiple intelligences of our students.
  • To improve delivering of the curriculum by effectively improving teacher’s competence in the use of I.C.T.
  • To involve all stakeholders in participation and understanding of the democratic process of our school.
  • To encourage integration of the school’s curriculum.
  • To encourage involvement and interaction among all staff members.
  • To develop the physical potential of our students.
  • To offer a wider selection of subjects to students.
  • To maintain and preserve our school’s physical structure.







Years of Experience

House System






School History

The history of Barataria North Secondary School goes back to April 17th 1972 when the school was established; headed by Mr. Jalbol Paul; the school’s first principal. Mr. Paul served from April 17th 1972 through 1979. At that time the school was known as Barataria Junior Secondary School.

The motto of the school at that time was "PREPARE TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW".

Barataria Junior Secondary, like all other Junior Secondary Schools at that time, was operated on a shift basis – morning shift (A.M.) and afternoon shift (P.M.).

The A.M shift hours were from 7:15am to 12:15pm and the P.M shift from 12:30pm to 5:15pm. The A.M shift students were green and white-green trousers/skirts, white shirts/blouse,

while the P.M shift students were yellow shirts/blouse with green trousers/skirts. Regardless of the shift, the school was always represented by students from both shifts at competitions such as football, netball, cricket, basketball, graduation exercises and so on.


Student's Uniform

Girl's Uniform:



  • Maroon Plaid.
  • 1 1/2 inch Waistband.
  • Knife Pleats - 1 1/2 inch wide(Right to Left pleats).
  • Skirt length not shorter than 2 inches below the knee.
  • Inside pocket on right hand side of skirt.
  • Zipper on left hand side of skirt.



  • White.
  • Roll Collar.
  • Short Sleeves.
  • Princessline Cut on both front and back of blouses.
  • Embroidered Monogram on front pocket.
  • Curved front hem.


Shoes: White (Plain).

Socks: White (Plain).


Boy's Uniform:



  • Khaki Textrex - No Denim. (Ready made pants available at Charran's & Bradfords).



  • White with embroided monogram - Ready made.


Shoes: Black(Plain).

Socks: Black(Plain)



Physical Education Uniform (Compulsory):

Available at school.


School's Monogram must be on all shirt-jacs and blouses.

Hair Gel, Bandanas and Caps are not permitted.


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